I just bought this pedal and i have a question. There's an input hole where a 9V power supply should be attached and it has an adapter included, but how can i use a battery? Where do i put it? :S
i just looked at the manual on the behringer website, i don't think you can put a battery in, what gave you that impression?
I just looked at the manual and there is no mention of a battery compartment.
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This pedal fascinates me...
It's cheap, moddable, and it has a tube in it, but it's Behringer.
Whether or not the tube actually plays a part in the tone i'm not sure.
But, if I have some pocket change laying around this summer, I may try one out just to see if it's actually worth buying/modding.
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It sounds really clean and it's versatile, doesn't sound very good if using a practice amp and the volume is low but that's not very important, it's great for gigging if you're using a high wattage amp. An expert at the shop told me that it's practically like an analogue to a mesa pedal but like 5-6 times cheaper. It's a lot better for gigging than metal muff or digitech metal master etc. I'd recommend testing it.