It's my first stack. The head is a Randall 200 watt, RH200SCG2 and the cab is a Randall 200 watt RX412. Now, ive just got it delivered to find out there's no lead to connect the head to the cab wtf? So im guessing i have to buy one. What i dont understand is in the instruction manual there's 4 sockets for the external speaker, 2 left and 2 right although one side is 4ohm and the other side is 8ohm. Yet, in the back of my head there is 4 sockets, 2 left and 2 right but underneath it says "mini load: 4ohm" and futher more on the back of the cab (in which there is 1 cable socket) it says "Impedance: 8ohm". Can someone help me understand this?

your on your own mate

but haul everything to yer local music store and hopefully they can give a better explanation than me :P