Hey, jsut wondering if anyone has any incite on recording with a pod xt. My band is going to be doing a demo and we are pretty sure we want to do it all at home. I've heard a few bands (mainly Periphery) who use home recording with pods and drums from hell and get some AMAZING results. Basically, we don't want to pay for a studio and have the time constraints, so i guess im just looking for general tips and tricks. Guitar tones, presets, laying and tracking. We want a REALLY huge full sound with good clarity as well, and i just can't seem to figure ou a really tight sound on the pod.
Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
p.s. here a few rough demos (fruity loops drums lol and single pod tracks) at myspace.com/orwelldrummersearch

thanks again
You most likely wont get the kind of sounds your aiming for unless you've got an excellent processor, good amount of RAM, a good interface, a good program and generally a good computer for recording on.

If you're experienced at home recording enough to know how to balance the sound and make it sound good (IE Mixing and Mastering) then by all means you should get a good sound. Only thing is, Digital preamps seem to give off a distinct digitally pixelly sound...

Best bet is making sure you get a tone you want and like, and you are recording at the highest bitrate you can possibly (personally lowest I would go is 192kbps) but its all preference.

POD's dont really function well as a studio preamp IMO. Yet again, thats preference, chanses are you'll love it as its your tone!

Good luck, let us know how you get on =]
What software are you going to be using to record and what other equipment have you got?

Ive got a friend who could probably give you some help, Il ask him when hes on later.
Kaya Scodelario... Wow

Purple Tortex Jazz Picks
I love that bands guitarist Bulb, he's awesome!

i believe he has all the extra packs for the XT so that might be a good place to start.
also, if you look up a band called "machinae supremacy"... they give their pod presets out online for download.
You need the metal XT pack for them to work though...

best thing to do for drums with DFH is to just mess about i guess
have a sound in mind and just try to get it

you might also want to get an mbox with pro tools or some other kind of recording software!
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Well youll want a lot of money to get great gear but still youll need years of experience on your gear and software to get the best out of it all. Studio Engineers work in studios for years and go to college to learn all of this. It takes both time and money, mostly time though.

You'll want an interface for vocals, I dont think you can run a mic though that POD but I could be wrong. Also most studios who do use a line6 product will run them though a high end tube amp. I have yet to see a studio run any line6 product direct...it would sound too digital...

- Interface
- Mics
- Cables/stands
- Fast Computer
- Sequencer program
- Acoustic treatment
- Drums - electric or acoustic? acoustic sounds nice but you need acoustic treatment and a good mic set which could set you back at least $700 quite easily. Electric units like the Roland v-drums sound great and can trigger programs such as EZDrummer but the roland drum kits can set you back quite a bit as well. I would not try anything under the TD10 (with expansion chip) set for studio use...(so go for a TD10E, TD12, or TD20 set)

You are new to recording and have a ton to learn, Don't get sucked into thinking you must use ProTools to get studio sound. I suggest learning Reaper or buy Cakewalk Sonar which I like to use in my studio. If you know a program good enough you can get the same sound as you do with ProTools IMO.
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even with all the gear, you gotta know what you're doing with it. i've had my pod for several months and i'm just NOW starting to get sounds i like out of it.

tweaking can be a long and involved process, and sometimes you find the best tones by accident.

you can run a mic thru a pod. i don't use it personally since i haven't been able to find a setting i like. (but i've found a setting i do like on an inferior piece of equipment)

and like moody said, any professional studio that is running the pods direct.. would likely be putting them thru some high quality tube pre-amps to give it a more livelier sound.
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Hey guys, thanks for all the info. I do have recording experience - and i have a good idea of what i need ( I have a newer G5 power mac and pro tools) the main thing im concerned about is getting convincing tones and whatnot from the pod.
All the info is way helpful tho, thanks a ton dudes.