iv recently thinking of getting a multi effects pedal and have been looking around and doing abit of research

Im thinking of getting the Boss ME-50. I currently have a roland microcube amp, and iv read in a few places that there are some problems with running the ME-50 through the microcube, something to do with it not sounding too good.

Can anyone tell me if this is true or which microcube settings i should use with the ME-50? or if anyone could recommend me any other multi effects processors for around the £150 mark?

how badly do you need the fx? doesn't the microcube have fx built in?
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yeah the fx are pretty good on there, having the ability to change the fx without leaning over the amp and changing the settings would be nice, also the amount of fx on the Boss ME-50 has caught my eye. im not really desperate for it at the moment as its only a possible purchase.
Unless you're gigging (which you're probably not, with a microcube) changing effects at the touch of a footswitch is kinda overatted. I'd just chillax and same my money.
Probably just save up for a new amp. Like the spine surfs said, you don't really need to change without bending over as you are not gigging.