nice music!! =)
the guitar playing is really cool! ok your voice could be better perhaps but its still cool!
its not bad... you need to practice singing into a mic more. you should back up from it when your put more energy into your voice so you dont max it. Its hard to judge ur voice pased on a live performance cause it can be damn hard to hear urself. But your definitly way off key in some parts. Overall not bad. Keep worken on it!

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You guys are right about the live experience bit but also keep in mind that open mics generally have **** sound systems and getting the luxury of a monitor is rare!!! That said, I've only played out about 8 times already.
I like the guitar alot, the tonality and the chords are perfect. Your voice seems like its really good, hard to judge though. I think the video doesn't serve you justice. It sounds like you have good tone of voice and good presence. Keep it up man, and thanks for the awesome compliments!
I like the guitar and the lyrics vocals needs a bit of work, but you were live, so i can allow for the shakiness

overall id give it a 7/10
I listened to "Come Undone" and liked a lot, your voice is very good and not just by comparison to the other stuff on the board but in general. I really liked the mood of the song it was very expressive. Overall very good.
Good stuff. I was wondering what that guy on the left was doing at the start of the video... lol

Nice voice you have there, better than our singer. :P
Maybe it went pitchy at the "Love YOOOOU" bit, but otherwise it was great. Well done!

tnx for your crit.
Its hard to tell whether I like this or not. Its not my style of music, so I'll give my best critique. Your playing is pretty good. Your vocals are decent, not the best and not the worst either. The problem for me was it didn't seem that "unique". Does this make it bad? No. Does it allow it to rise and be "good", not really. Its a good start.
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this is very peaceful. your timing is solid. the only thing is i sense that you dont have as much confidence in your voice as you should. sounds flat at parts. may someting to do with a this being infront of a live crowd. no worries though. it is a very chillin vibe in that bar. keep doin what you love man. the vibes of playing music for people only gets bigger and better. check this out if you have time.