Mine is maroon, in perfect condition. I just want to trade for a different color, might sound weird, but worth a shot. I am looking for blue or something lighter, doesn't have to have a humbucker but would be nice. Pics will be up on request.
i have a burst w/ trem and HSS. can you throw those pictures up? mines MIM aswell
not sure if i want sunburst, but i will get pics up as soon as i get home
right now the reddish celluliod but i can put white on no problam
mine is white.

but surge, the reddish pearloid is interesting. please do put up some pics
I have an ESP LTD MH-301 you might be interested in, I would love to trade you as this strat is exactly what I am looking for
Climhazzard, i am only trading this guitar for aesthetics, i am fully satisfied with the way it sounds. i don't think the esp would fit my style of music

anyone else?
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will consider otherguitars as well, keep in mind though, i really like clapton.