Im trying to teach myself guitar... I have been playing for about 2 months now but i dont know how much i can learn by just fiddling. I was wondering what the best method (preferably from people who have tried these) to teach myself how to be a good guitarist would be.
1. Actual Lessons from a teacher
2. www.Guitarmasterclass.net
3. Speed Kills by M.A.B.
lessons from a teacher are the way to go..i tried to teach myself when i was just starting and it was hell. I was just growing bored with it...but i got a teacher and took lessons for a few years and now i can shred
please please tell me choice 3 was a joke?

first just look around the internet, learn a few chords and a few musical definitions, then get a music teacher once you've got some questions you can't easily find the answers to, and you can actually play a few things
many of the best guitar players have taught themselves playing the guitar!
I'm fully self taught on guitar... The thing is, it always came naturally because I played violin for about 10 years previous to picking up a guitar.

Even with a musical background I look back and wish I had gotten lessons. If you have the extra cash try and go weekly, if you cant do that go bi-weekly or as often as you can.

Good luck, it always helps to be able to visually see something rather than read it off a tab online. With a teacher you will also get the theory you wont from reading tabs.
the internet is always there when you want it , I have no formal lessons under my belt yet I can play a wide variety of songs. for me I used guitar tabs to learn songs and from that you can learn what chords are what. Get a chord chart or poster and put it on the wall by your computer then start calling up tabs to the songs you like ,play what you can . if the song you want only shows lyrics and chords , refer to your chord chart, at a glance you will learn the chord shape. much better than flippin through a book every time to learn a chord, learn the pentatonic scale , its very easy . experiment , ascend and descend the scale ,you will begin to understand how leads and solos are constructed. after you have learned the scale and melodies therein, use the net to learn other scales and repeat the process. make sure fofinger to cover th scale correctly.it will take you months or years to master be patient
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many of the best guitar players have taught themselves playing the guitar!

but they will probably all say it's better if you get a teacher
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Try using a book with visual aids

I tried to tell my parents that Porn was just a book with visual aids and they didn't buy it.

I agree with going the teacher route. If nothing else, it makes you practice because you don't want to look like a fool if you haven't gotten any better since the previous lesson.
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learn what intervals and how each not relates to another and how scales and chords are formed, then use this webiste to learn the scales


thats what i did and i think i have a pretty good theory knowledge now and ive not had a teacher.

i know enough to allow me to write music and thats what i need really.