I fell in love with this guitar the moment I saw it. It's effin' SLAYTANIC!!!! And I mostly want to play metal, how good is this guitar? Thanks
Hmm...This is the sig model right?

I don't really like BC Riches on the whole, due to their OTT shaping, but they're not bad guitars , in all. Also, King's isn't too stupidly shaped. I've heard mostly good things about this guitar, but you may find the stock pickups muddy (hearsay fyi), and I don't have a clue about that trem. Is it LFR/OFR?
Is it a Licensed Floyd Rose, an Original Floyd Rose, or neither? It could be Riches' own trem, I really have no idea.

EDIT: Apparently it's a Kahler. I've never used one.
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I think the trem is a Khaler, if you go for the higher end ones, pups should be EMG's, again if you go high end.

My advice - if you're set on this guitar play it before you buy it, I recently tried V's again and eh, they just didn't seem as amazing this time. Your taste is going to change. But if you still love it, please go high-end and get the one that's just under a grand, you'll really regret any of the other ones.
Well I've just seen its review on this site, I haven't exactly seen it in any stores.....
yah the king models use khaler tremlos, but im not familiar with khalers so i cant ay much else, i do know that from listening to kings playing you can go wild on those things and they take it pretty well, but so can floyd rose tremolos
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The Wartribe has a Kahler trem.
Basically OFR > Kahler. Check out these video's:


I personally wouldnt go with the Kahler, too many detuning issues.

those videos were really helpful... i had absolutely no idea what the real diff was. thanks
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those videos were really helpful... i had absolutely no idea what the real diff was. thanks

I personally prefer the "feel" of the Kahler, but have a few guitars with Floyds, and have no real problem with them.