I have been in and out on these forums and seen a lot of posts about what guitar to get this and that. Well I too am a beginner and I finally went out and bought a guitar on saturday to replace my old Samick acoustic that I'd been messing around on.

I bought a basic Squire Bullet Strat with a Fender 15g amp. I must say for the low cost it was (200.00) @ my local store I'm very pleased. It's smaller (plus for me when sitting down), and it sounds so clear and clean, but picks up the distortion just fine. The neck isn't thick so its not hard to learn chords and stuff on.

In under a day I learned Don't Fear the Reaper's riff

Just wanted to share my experience if anyone was in my spot, and just starting out and is nervous about spending money on their first guitar.
my first guitar was a squier bullet...i have NEVER played one as bad as that one....good luck dude happy learning
Quote by Mazzakazza
I had a squier starter pack to start with. I think I lost the coin-toss of quality though. Some squiers are fine, some are horrible. Mine is pretty bad.

Your statement is exactly what I was afraid of. My suggestion to others is do what I did. Learn some really really easy riffs. Come as you are is probably the easiest non power cord riff I've ever learned and smoke on the water is probably the easiest power cord.

Then go to your local shop. Ask if they price match online sites Mine did. Didn't matter they already had a lower price but they actually let me take the guitar down and play it. I played my noob riffs and my friend who knew a lot more played it and even the store salesmen played some riffs for me.

So all in all I walked away with a good deal.
When I got my guitar, the guy at Guitar Center said the Squier Bullet and Starter Packs will make me not want to play guitar after a few months (he'd probably would be right if I bought it). So he told me to get a guitar and amp separately. It was a good decision too, because I got a pretty a good guitar and practice amp.He even through in picks, strings, a stand, and a strap for free. So it was like a starter pack but better.
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