price range : 850-1100 maybe higher
music i play: metallica, nirvana, disturbed, slipknot, darkest hour
i play grunge, metal, older metal like metallica, nu-metal, screamo metal, whatever you want to call it and sometiems but not aften alternative stuff (and when its alternative it hasd to atleast be somehwhat heav...take 3 days grace for example).
looks matter?: not really or id go for BC RIch but then again wouldnt that be weird playing nirvana with a mean lookign guitar? anyways im not too fond of bc rich.
Pickup preference: EMG's (active or passive doesnt matter really). but id settle for any good HUMBUCKER! no single coil
i like ibanez, jackson, schecter, some dean guits, and more

i dont use whammy bar much but id like to have a floyd rose maybe...thats the only reason i dont use the whammy on my guitar (white Ibanez RG w/ Dimarzio pickups)

for a while ive been hunting for a new guitar, soon i will have about 999 (give or take so i guess like 850- 1100 maybe more) and ive played lots. I had my mind set on the Gibson LEs Paul studio but man when i played it i didnt like it at all. it just didnt have that metal edge to it that i want, i guess its more bluesy...i figured i could always throw some EMG's on it but eh its not worth it...plus i wasnt too fond off the action. but i did like it on solos it have a nice bluesy solo sound when i did some metallica solos. but the powerchords suck in my opinion. The Gibson Explorer had the same result to me but it was a little bit better. the gibsons just seemed to have a bassy blusy sound which i dont care for much. i tried a few other guitars out.
on main choice i have now is the Ibanez Mick Thomson (slipknot) custum guitar (it was on sale for 999$). I loved the action on it and the sound has a nice bottom end to it it sounded liek but in a good way. a sound i really like. there is a problem though, there are no fret dots on the fret board! i know alot of people dont even use them but i always do and get lost without them and im wondering hwo id get used to it. thats the main problem. i dont really care about have a floyd rose (it does have a locking system on it though. ). and it has EMG's i forget which kind but i know its not the normal 85 81. i like "SEVEN" written down the neck of the guitar so i figured i might just name my band SEVEN and have it seem like i had a custom guitar haha but thats not important. it also comes with a tuner anyways the other guitar wa sthe schecter Hellraiser. EMG's (81 and 85 but i heard its supposed to be a new kind that you can choose if its on single coil or not and there is a single coil within one of the humbuckers). really pretty guitar and it had a floyd rose. the action was nice it might have been as nice as the other one it was a hard decision but i think the ibanez may have beat it by a little. as far as sound it was amazing, i think i mightlike the ibanez a little better just the type of sound not quality but they were both nice. it also takes 9v batters which seems liek a pain...i wonder if it is. I REALLY CANT DECIDE WHAT TO GET. this guitar is only 850 though....

what should i do and any suggestions/other guitars to check out?
The Mick Thompson Ibanez does have a locking trem, but it's fixed to the body - you can't install a whammy bar or move the bridge. Kind of strange, but that's how he's done it.
Any esp or esp ltd
The gear.
Schecter S1 Diamond series.
Randall G3 200W
Dunlop cry-baby wah (finally)
Line 6 spider III 15x (Small but deadly)
I agree with Blooddawning. I have an Ibanez and two ESP's(well an LTD and LTD-Deluxe) but I would take them over my Ibanez in a heartbeat.
What you definetly need is an esp/esp ltd, with EMG 81/85 active pickups or seymor duncan blackouts, and i got an ltd explorer and it had a locking string at the bridge
kh-2 possibly?
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