Ok, I have $400 right, and I have my birthday AND graduation coming up.
So lets say my budget is around $900-1000 (579.4866 Euro).
I'd like to buy:
Effects (I have two huge ass 150 watt Amps but no FX)

Now I want the effects to work for bass too so I was suggesting http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-POD-X3-Guitar-Multi-Effect-Processor-104600879-i1368327.gc
However should is there something else I should buy instead?
If I get that I have $600 dollars(386.3490 Euro) left and I want to use that to buy a guitar.
Please help me choose a guitar/fx.
Quote by CobainBohnam
and I have my birthday AND graduation

Birthday+Graduation+Pre Existing $400= Around $1000
ohhhh, i get ya..

well.... It may help if you said what music you like & what gear you have already.. Put this thread in the gear forum too...