Hello "UG" users,

I wanted you all to know about *no advertising. URL removed* a site for musicians and anyone in the market for a musical instrument. We have thousands of listings ranging from $30 pedals to $40,000 Stratocasters. If you have something to sell or looking to buy a new or used instrument stop by today. There is a limited time offer for free listings, so come soon before those run out.

I will be listing some of our items here for your review.

*no advertising. URL removed* Staff

To the Moderator: I read the rules and I am doing my best to follow them. Please let me know if I need to do something different.
zbest: be patient, I am going to be listing actual items for sale, that was an intro
if you are selling your stuff then its ok, but you are selling a company's product, thats against the rules. Sam Ash and Guitar Center arent allowed to advertise so why should you?

BTW just saying that you read the rules does not allow you to break them...
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Quote by TobyFellrunners
Yes but you are advertising your site which is against the rules, he was right to report the post.

Also stop double posting, that's against the rules too...

I am sorry, I thought I was going to be providing a valuable service to everyone on UG. Please forgive me for intruding on your territory and moderator feel free to delete my thread.

Good luck everyone, and sorry again.
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One more question then? Can you point me to the right place on UG where I can tell people about the gear that is available on mygear, or is there no such place?


For example:
Brand New Fender Bassman!!!

Price: $300.00

New or used New
Type Solid State
Make Fender
Model Bassman
Year 2008
Weight 39 lbs. (17.69 kg)
Size (Height x Width x Depth) Height: 21" (53.34 m)
Width: 19.25"(48.89 ),
Depth: 17.25" (43.8)
Overall condition 10
Describe your item's overall condition in detail. It is brand new used maybe 5times. Still has warranty!
Number of Channels 1
Number of speakers 1
Repairs previously done NONE
Repairs needed NONE
Provide a detailed Description of Grill Cloth Condition. It is in Perfect condition
Other features/info Other features include compression driver horn with attenuator switch (full/-6dB/off), semi- parametric mid-range controls, contour control for scooping mid range frequencies, FX loop, compressor, auxiliary input, tuner out with mute, XLR output with pre/post, ground lift and level control.
Describe any accessories or extras included. Comes with the warranty
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The site rules say no advertising. Yes, you are in the "Gear Ads" forum; however, it is meant for contributing users within the community to sell their gear, and not a commercial outfit. This is essentially providing you free advertising for your business.


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