OK well im doing electronics GCSE and im pretty good so im looking to built a basic and simple fx pedal for my friend who plays bass. Could any one give me some good ideas of what pedal to make. I was hoping a simplified zvex wooley mammouth, or maybe a fuzz face. Anyway ideas appreciated along with websites which give reliable circuit diagrams.


Also he just told me maybe a treble booster, or rangemaster or something
i suppose its been a day so i might aswell bump. I can see its getting views please would someone reply?
umm... well i like flangers for bass. Slap, and delay would sound cool too.
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i dont know much about making pedals but i believe theres a pedal making thread
you might get a bit more of a response there
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there are lots of sites in the sticky that give good, reliable diagrams. i lost my list of favorites when i reformatted my computer, but here are some:

theres a huge list in the sticky that you can go through as well. if you have questions on anything, feel free to ask.
The Woolly Mammoth is based on a pretty simple circuit. It's a nice choice for a first pedal build, and doesn't need to be simplified. I've built one, it sounds pretty great.
check out Buildyourownclone.com. they have kits for guitar and bass pedals. they even offer a buffer/booster free with your first purchase.
anyone got the circuit diagram for a wooley mamouth
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ok cheers for doing that, i aint got it yet though
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus