Can you put a locking nut on a guitar that doesnt have a floyd rose on it (change the normal nut i have on it now because it goes way out of tune sometimes).
i'd like 2 no that 2
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Yes you can, but it won't do what you want in this situation. You likely have a vintage trem. A best, if not necessarily cost effective, solution are graphite/roller saddles, a graphite nut, and locking tuners. Even then though the strings can still slip where they mount on the trem. Putting an FR nut will make it a single locking trem. It will solve some of your woes but likely not all. The ONLY way to achieve "perfect" (ie not going out of tune) is to use some type of double locking tremolo. Even hard tails can slip out of tune depending on the quality of the nut and tuners.
Would a double locking tremelo be a floyd rose tremelo
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If your guitar doesnt have fine tuners on the bridge then a locking nut will make tuning a major headache.