Alright so after I work my ass off this summer, I will be buying a Peavey Valveking. I have heard that the stock 6L6 tubes aren't that good. What brand are they? Are they Grove tubes, Sovtek? I heard replacing them with JJ's is good. What do you think?

Also, can I use it with a Marshall 1936V cab?

The VK has stock Sovteks, maybe. Mine came with EHX tubes in it. JJs and Tung-sols are the best tubes for it. If its the 212 version then yes you can plug it into a cab. Be aware though that the stock VK speakers on the combo versions have very bad, cheap speakers that youll wanna replace before tubes as they are that bad, imo. Though there are some better amps for the price out their if you lookin at the 212. What do you play? Maybe their are some different options out their for ya.
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They come with Ruby 6l6GC's and EH 12AX7's.

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Quote by Xeroxed
They come with Ruby 6l6GC's and EH 12AX7's.

Usually. They swap things around sometimes.

I'd just upgrade the speaker, rather than add a cab. Unless you already have a 1936...if you do, you should sell it to me.
Alright thanks. Well I was actually talking about the Valveking head (sorry I didn't put that in). I play stuff like GN'R, Van Halen, Zeppelin, AC/DC, that kind of stuff. Thanks for the info Yoco and Xeroxed.
I've read of all kinds of tube combinations in the valveking. Mine had Ruby 6L6's and one EH and two JJ's for the 12AX7's.
Quote by Xeroxed
They come with Ruby 6l6GC's and EH 12AX7's.

Mine came with that.

They kinda sucked because it was a floor model that everyone cranks, so I swapped them for JJs.
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Hey sorry to dig up a bit of an old thread, but does anyone know if you can use the 112 version of the Valveking with a Marshall 1936(v) 212 cabinet? I know its got a 16 Ohm speaker out Jack. The Marshall is 8 Ohms mono or 16 Ohms stereo, however Im assuming the 112 Valveking is mono, but the speaker out is 16 Ohms...this is what is confusing me.

Can anyone clear this up for me?

Btw the reason I want to do this instead of simply changing the speaker is I dont see a new speaker adding to the resale value much, and having a seperate cab means if and when I upgrade to a head(such as a 5150 or Engl Powerball) I will already have a cabinet for it.
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