my Peavey 2x12 wont turn on. i dropped a set of keys on the circuit board, and now it wont turn on. did the keys some how short it out or blow something?
Huh? You mean an amp, not a speaker right? If you dropped metal keys, yes, you likely caused a short. My advice is to take it to a tech and have him look at it. To pull the keys, I would advise to wrap a pair of needle nose pliers in electrical tape, and make sure they have a rubber handle. Put one hand in your pocket and carefully pull them out. Hopefully all you did is blow a fuse, which should be the first thing you replace if it won't turn on. If you replace the fuse and it still won't turn on, it's time to go to a tech.
i already took the keys out after i unplugged it, but ya its the whole amp. i had the vent off cus it cracked, and was sitting on it, and my keys fell in. i'll replace the fuse asap and get back to you