Which one is better for Clapton, SRV, Dire Straits, Jazzy, Funky, RHCP stuff. Dont need a lot of gain just needs to get some of the tones I mentioned; to the best of its ability.
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
With a right pedel would the Blues Junior get a screaming, funky, John Frusciante-ish tone?
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
same thing im going through dude,

what is the blues junior like a bedroom volumes (dont mean to steal your thread dude)
Two completely different animals.

And, the Junior.
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Ifyou are gigging, definetly the BJ I really ama fan of the junior, I got to fiddle around with one for an hour or two and got some GREAT sounds out of it. It also has a master volume in case you need to get some breakup.
Get the NOS Blues Jr. it is MUCH better than the regular one. Looks better too

That thing should be great for RHCP type cleans and SRV.
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although the blackheart can do those genres i doubt very much it'll do them as good as a BJ. specially since most of the tones ur wanting come from Fenders.

this time i can't recommend a Blackheart oh well.
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Ok thanks guys!

I dont really gig, but am planning to start having small gigs over the summer.
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
R_H_C_P says that with his Fulltone OCD in front of it, his Blues Jnr. can get THE John Fru tone.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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