i don't think i've pimped myself in here yet but i figured i might as well. looks like i get a lot of visitors daily and quite a few listens. anybody interested in a mix of hard rock/heavy metal/industrial/techno should come check out my profile i've got a lot of "oldies" (recorded in '01-ish time frame) and some newer stuff. i'll be recording a new cd worth of material in the next couple of months (or at least will start recording) and i'll have a friend professionally mixing it for me so it should sound a lot better than the self mixed stuff on my profile.

come check it out, comment and rate. if you like it let me know, if you think it's crap i can take critiquing so don't worry about what i'll think if you don't like it

make sure to click "all mp3's" to get a list of all the mp3's otherwise you'll only see about 10 instead of all 15 songs.


btw only 3 of the songs have lyrics, those are epitaph (prelude to 'still here') , the day god was born (recorded for a MT thing last december) and a cover of NIN's 'the great below'