take me away
steal the breath
from my lungs
and make me new

and with this new life
i'll wander the streets
of this city
looking for you

tell me
where you're coming from?
make me

all i want is you
all i want to do
is walk with you
hand in hand

youre an angel
i'll be by your side
i wont try to hide
my feelings from you

you pick me apart
and put me back together
read my thoughts
and make it all better


i need you
like water like rain
and i'd go insane
without you

don't believe
a word they say
i just want you to know
who i am

i need you to know who i am

this day was the hardest
day of the year
but now you're here
to make it alright

i will do
what you want me to
i won't hesitate
cause all i need is you

all i want is you

Last edited by wyoming_soldier at May 12, 2008,
"tell me
where you're coming from"
I think that would sound better if you made that a question like..."Tell me...Where you comin' from?"
"read my thoughts
without words"
Again, this line would sound better if you would put "Read my thoughts, And make it all better." So it kinda correlates with "but now you're here,
to make it alright". Know what I'm sayin. Otherwise, It looks pretty good.