Hello! Alright im repainting my Shine V and since i like reading everyone elses threads bout there paint jobs or wateva i though i would make my own. Im gonna take all the paint etc off, paint it funky and maybe get a pickup if i can get the money. The guitar plays REALLY nice, even though it is crap!, so i thought hey if it plays nice why doesnt it look nice!! Well it drew all over it so that would be why. I originally thought bout doin an Alexi Laiho stlye guitar baecuase i idiolise him but iv changed my mind and im gonna change it slightly. Since i havnt made my mind up yet i do appreciate any ideas off anyone!! Also im probly gonna get an seymour duncan Invader.

Also! A few months ago i swapped the neck humbucker in this guitar for a single p'up from another, so the neck is a single p'up; so if anyone knows how to fit that into a humbucker hole i would appreciate it lol cos at the minute im just usin blue tack to hold it in lol.

anyways heres some pics ill update as i go along!

ill appreciate any ideas from anyone at any point in the project so feel free to point out my mistakes

edit: the guitar is called miranda if thats confusing (mighty boosh anyone?)
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miranda dis-assembled

begininning the sanding process!

paint off the front

a possible design?
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