Check out the band I play lead guitar for! It's called Sæd (translation: Semen).

Description since everything on the Myspace is in Norwegian:

We are a Norwegian metal band, and our lyrics are about gory stuff, rape, inecst and various forms of masturbation. The lyrics are in Norwegian, so you won't understand a thing anyways, but I'll provide translations for the son titles on the Myspace:

Tvangsmasturbering: Forced Masturbation
Produkt av incest: Product of Incest
Eg drepe deg: I'll Kill You

We have a drummer, but we lack even half-decent recording capability for drums, so the drums on the recordings are programmed. Our influences are Slayer, Carcass, Mastodon, Arch Enemy, Necrophagist and Opeth, to mention a few. More songs are soon to come, so stay tuned!

Pretty good. The quality isn't that great, but thats understandable. Your vocals are similar to the first vocalist of Arch Enemy, but better (since he didn't growl as much as yell). I'd try to get more tone out and less air, if you know what I mean though.

The lead guitar is pretty nice too, the riff right after the solo in the last song is pretty nice. With some better recording quality and real drums this would kick some major face. Keep it up.

Crit for crit?