okay the bassist in my band is good at shredding but obviously this isnt required for paying bands. He finds it hard to a) play less notes b) play a solid line while the guitar is doing something different rhythmically-he ends up copying the riff or rhythm on the guitar c) cant make up 'fills' or melody basslines even tho ive explained pentatonics and major scale use as well as octaves, mutes slides etc.

Any advice apart from sack him (he is a good bassist but he needs to improve on the above)
doesn't sound like a good bassist to me, especially B
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kick him out of the band.

nevermind. give him some time, if he doesn't adjust to everyone's liking, then whats the point of having a non-contributing musician?
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wait... he can shred but he cant follow a rythem guitar for a few minutes

depends how much u like i guess try to get him to listen
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try incorporating his sound into the band. give you a new direction so you wont sound like your record collection......
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I wouldn't want him in my band. Be sure your communicating what you want him to do clearly. 90% of bands problems can be attributed to poor communication.

Other than lack of talent of course.
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Yeah, a bassist doesn't need to be able to shred. While, it may be fun for a novelty, or a song or two, a bassist's primary job is to provide the groove, and the roots to the chords. He doesn't sound like he's doing that. If he doesn't change and step into the role that a bassist prodominantly plays, then I'd replace him.
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Well he's not filling the fundamental role of a bassist playing in a band situation so either tell him to learn fast or kick him.
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I heard talking works.

Very good advice.

When these threads come up, I always wonder, "What's the bassist's side of the story?" Obviously there's a huge communication breakdown going on, and you as a group need to sit down and do some serious talking. If you can't sort out your musical differences, its time to part ways for the good of everyone. I can't imagine your bass player is any happier in the current situation than the rest of the band is with him.
no there are no communication problems or anything ive explained everything as is here but the problem really is he isnt mature enough..when you are a teenager your perception of time and rhythm seems different and you are anxious and jumpy when you play.

Im really just looking for specific things that can help him eg exercises to help timing syncopation etc
1) teach him the blues scale
2) make him jam with it
3) solo over that. if he can copy you during an improvised solo...
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Have him spend a some one on one time with your drummer. This can help him with his timing.

But I am going to play a bit of "devil's advocate" here. Given you have admitted that the bass player has a lack of maturity, do you think he's going to take all of this constructive criticism and advice well? Unless you have a really great rapport with him, I don't think the conversation that "hey, you need help with your bass playing, I talked to all of these bass players on line who say you really ought to be doing this..." is going to be horribly successful.

But maybe I'm just getting a bit too cynical for my own good and have too many experiences with less than ideal band mates.
What kind of music are u guys AIMing to play?

because there are some bands, where the music is really bass driven, and the bass is what drives the songs, and is more of the lead (interpol? Strokes?)

i mean it really depends on the kind of music ur trying to play, that gives the bass player his role.

my guitarist also plays bass on the side, and likes bands/songs that have the bass out in front, leading most of the song, while he lays back and plays something simple.