So does anybody know anything about it? Is it worth the money? Or is it even good?
I don't have enough money to put together a pedalboard, so I thought I would go for a multi-effects processor.

So - Is it good, or worth the money is subjective. I was like you and wanted lots of effects at my finger (toe) tips but not a lot of money for seperate pedals. Most on this board would say, and I would agree, that single pedals are better tone wise. I will probably follow suite but I can say that my Digitech RP250 has been great so far and I have learned alot about what effects I like, how they work, how they work together, etc.

I've had mine for 2 years and it is $150 new so I felt that was a bargin for what it has, including a wah pedal. I have not played thru the RP500 but it sure looks cool. And both (as well as the RP150 and 350) have the same chip. AudiaDNA2 and 24 bit codec. However, it does sound digitally or more digital then say a specific single box.

The benefit to the RP500 that I see is that you have seperate stomps for seperate effects so you can get real specific quickly, where the rest of the RP line I mentioned has all the effects preset into popular combinations. They can be changed and modified using free Digitech software or the knobs on the pedal - it just takes longer. The RP500 also has lots of presets. New and custom presets can also be downloaded from PC to unit via USB.

My suggestion is to go somewhere where you can try these out and also take a look at some of it's competition by Boss, Vox, Line 6, TC Electronics and the like. Also use the Search box up in top right, got to digitech.com, look for sample clips on youtube, etc. I have a few clips in my profile (MP3s) if you want to get a quick shot here.

After this, you can formulate some better questions and then possibly get better answers.

Hope that helps and good luck.

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hey thanks. I'm going to be playing live a lot and I was looking for and effects system and this came up as one of the better choices. although I need to find somewhere to try it out because the dude at guitar center was a dick and wouldn't let me take it out of the box
My digitech rp150 was 20 bucks used it has 100 different effects and you can edit them all and it has a button to simulate drums and you can edit the drum sound and it has a bypass effect