My band should be doing some recording in our studio this summer, and one thing we've noticed is that, especially with the other guitarist's amp, we're getting noise. not half as much with mine thanfully (i think there is something slightly wrong with the other).

Anyway, what decent, yet inexpensive noise gates are there for people in the UK. Plus will a noise supressor combat feedback (other guitarists amp has LOTS of it)

Help would be great....
old carlsbro GLX150 with ashdown fallen angel 4x12, no pedals, pretty high gain settings, so metal. ESP MH1000 guitar (stock pickups) But the feedback thing is because its slightly wrong, not sure what though...
The only options I can think of are the Boss NS-2 and the ISP Decimator, to be honest the NS-2 is not the best in the world but the ISP is much more expensive.
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Have him use your amp to record, then clean it up with your recording software.
thing is we want to have some tonal difference witht he guitars, even though i know we can change EQ, i dont think id like to use the same amp for both....
Turn the gain down. Good chance it was way overboard of what you really need to get the sound you want.
Less gain equals clarity at high volume levels. Pick more aggressivly too. For my modern metal rhythm tone, I have the gain set at 5 (half).

The NS-2 works great, if you know how to use it.
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could try turning the gain down, but if the NS-2 is good that could be a possibility, anyone know about the cheaper behringer one?