Hello guys!

Do any of you have any songs that are a bit peaceful, and relaxing. I play metal but I want to get into my more smoother, more cormforting side. For example; the intro to "Viridian" played by Between the Burried and Me is what I'm looking for.

Are there any others that I could try that are calming like that.

P.S. ( I'm also looking for tabs to the intro, of Viridian. I might just figure it out myself and I can't find something to start out on.
if u are into metal check out testament`s "return to serenity"
Casting Shade by Shadows Fall (I think thats what its called)

The Lady Wore Black by Queensryche (the intro)

Cemetery Gates by Pantera

I dont know the example you said so I dont know if any of the ones I said are any familiar.
Theres a song by Bring Me The Horizon thats a full acoustic song w/ no vocals. Its pretty peaceful. Its called 15 Fathoms and Counting.