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They suck, they won that Battle For Ozzfest show a few years ago on MTV. They broke up sometime in 2006 too.

And since then no-one else gave a crap

Really surprised on this thread being made actually.
yeah. i heard about them like two years ago when they took part in that battle for ozzfest crap. they are decent, one of the metalcore bands i enjoy. but they just kinda all disappeared suddenly
It would be funny if they added an R and were called A Dozen Furries....that's honestly what my dreams are like at night.......
I think they are from a town about five minutes away from where I live. I have never listened to them, but I remember they won that Battle For Ozzfest show. I heard they broke up though.
pretty much the definiteion of generic. especially the second song down on their myspace player i think it was. i like how they refer to themselves as 'comedy'...
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i like how they refer to themselves as 'comedy'...

I play guitar
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