Fire is dangerous. I know from experience.

One time (about a year ago) me and my friend decided to fill up a wine bottle with gasoline and light it and throw it and make our own little molotov cocktail behind my house. I lit it, threw it, then it didn't blow up, so my friend went to go pick it up, then fire started spraying out like crazy all over my legs and arms. I was on fire for a good 45 seconds, until he put the fire out and saved my life. I spent a three weeks in the hospital and five weeks out of school. (And no, I didn't get burned "down there" thank God)

Anyways, thats my worst experience with fire. What's yours?
Once when i was like 9, my mom let me light a match. i did, it flared, i freaked and dropped it.

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I kinda had a similar experience except it was a 2 liter of cola filled with water and dry ice. It was supposed to blow up but it didn't so I ... kinda hit it with a hammer and got shrapnel and cuts all over one half of my body. I was blind and deaf for a good hour.. no biggie.
me and friends had this massive bonfire in my friends forest (we had tree trunks as firewood) and dude put an aerosol can in the thing and it absolutely exploded i thought we were going to light up the whole forest
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the bottom floor of my house got burned away the day after my birthday last year
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Lit my bathroom ceiling on fire when no one was home. Didn't do a LOT of damage, but the ceiling was black. Knowing my mom would be home before the night was over, I re-painted my ceiling. The fan cover had also melted, which I had to melt back into place, then re-paint it. ****ty.
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I'm sure the threadstarter posted that story the other day...I may be wrong though

I got kicked out of school for arson.
I tried to play Fire by Jimi Hendrix at a school function, it backfired and my geetar caught fire.

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last year i was playin around wit WD-40 and a lighter (which is awesome if you get the chance to mess around with it, it makes fireballs) and burnt all the hair off my arm. it was awesome.
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Once, I was trying to start a fire (in a fireplace). All the wood was damp, so we were trying to help it with meths. I may or may not have set my arm on fire.
in september a cigarette was tossed into the garden on the side of my house with dry pine needles and half of my house burnt down.... but it was epic
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bout 5 years ago now, me and my good buddies got the great idea to get those jars that ur grandma uses for canning things, I unno wut their called, they're glass and have the metal lids, but the lid is in 2 pieces, anyway it was one of the jumbo jars, like acme sized, we filled it with gas, screwed the lid on and grabbed my good friend's dad's 12 gauge. and shot at the jar, made a great mushroom cloud, and it amused us so much we decided to do it again, except this time, it caught tree's on fire <_<
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At school once, my friend and I dipped a ball of cotton in some lighter fluid, lit it, and threw it at each other. Fun.

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I was at a concert and someone had lit a little fire to keep warm, it was a really cold night, so asked them,

'Let me stand next to your fire!!!!' And they said no. It was terrible.
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Last summer, i grew an intense hobby of gathering quartersticks from my brother's collection, taking them apart and getting the gun powder out, then packing them in a plastic 1 liter bottle with a wick no longer than 2 inches...

bad. idea.
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A while ago I lit a mattress on fire (outside on a golf course - it's a long story) and my boyfriend and I couldn't get it out and the flames were gigantic. No one got burnt though.
I and my friend would buy cheap air freshener from the store, tape a bunch of those sparkler things to the sides and make a bomb. We'd light them and it would make a 10ft high fire like a flame thrower. One day, we bought this huge hairspray can and did the routine, except we put it in a huge fire and ran like a bat out of hell.

It didn't blow up.

So we slowly walk over to the fire to put it out when BANG! A huge mushroom cloud came up from the can and made a gunshot sound. If we got to the fire earlier we would have got our arms blown off or something.

Later we came by and found half the can blown off and all these swollen bumps on the sides.
Uh I picked up an empty coke can out of a fire.

And the metal was hot.

So yeah, I got blisters n' **** : d
I'm a complete pyrotechnic. Never had any harmful experiences with fires, but I've gotten smoke/flash grenades (Magnesium for flash and KNO3 + sugar for smoke) to burn at about 6000 degrees F. You should see the 1 foot deep holes in my friend's yard.
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I kinda had a similar experience except it was a 2 liter of cola filled with water and dry ice. It was supposed to blow up but it didn't so I ... kinda hit it with a hammer and got shrapnel and cuts all over one half of my body. I was blind and deaf for a good hour.. no biggie.

You should have used a largefarva.

when I was younger (much, much younger) I found a grill lighter and began to play with it. Of course, this was back in the time of no child safety things on lighters. I lit the lighter and started singing happy birthday to myself (why, I don't know) and I preceded to light my sister's bulletin board on fire. Good times.
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Our big exspensive persian carpet...........................................it was just a small match piece i didn't mean it .....................................on new years eve and everything
smokin' a pipe in my friends basement
and the flame spooshed up and caught my hair on fire
all we could smell was hair
and dope.
it was trippy.
trying to throw two road flares in the air and catch them doesn't end well... My left hand had a nasty burn for like 3 weeks.

Also, I dunno if it counts as something with "fire", but I got drunk two weekends ago, and got an unsightly burn on my arm from a ciggy. It burned away the skin, but didn't really do much to the flesh. I keep picking at the skin that starts to regrow there, prolonging the healing.
Got drunk with some old friends and one of them was in a bit of a messed up place and assumed I was as well so he was doing smilies on his arm (with a standard lighter, if you hold it lit for a few minutes the metal grate gets very hot, stupid people can put it on their arm to burn in the shape of a smiley face)
Anyway, he thought it would be a good idea to do it to me, not cool
My sister who is hellishly thick decided to try and burn a thread from my dressing gown. The bloody thing went up in seconds so I threw it off and ran into my room crying while my dad extinguished it. Stupid bitch.
I set a bin on fire once, and it spread and burnt down most of this building near the bin.
I called the fire brigade, then ran like crazy.

I was 12 at the time, from what I remember

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well i have personally tried doing the match and axe thing. big flame. almost burned down my buddy's house.

then i saw a video today of a party i couldn't make it to where they were all drunk. they threw a bottle of axe into the bon fire they had and it was like an explosion from a movie. 10 feet in the air of just balls of fire. almost killed one of my friends who was standing next to it.
i was at a party last summer.....and for that night fire was not my friend.

my mate had this big cast iron stove, it was really a kinda garden decoration but we decided to fill it with logs and start a fire. so after a while it got really big but then really suddenly it started to die down, so we tried to find lots of stuff to keep it goin. first of all for a joke i took a piss on it, and a flame flew up and, lets say "licked" my vulnerable penis. extreme pain ensued.

next, someone found what was labelled "surgical fluid" which i think was probably some kind of alcohol based liquid used for cuts etc. the guy who had it went on to carelessly throw the liquid all over the fire whilst i was standing behind it. all the drops that went through the fire lit up and landed on my shoe, hence roasting up my foot. i decided it couldnt possibly get worse.

it did.

we then found a large can of spray glue, stuff for gluing wood etc. we had already thrown on a can or aerosol and some other stuff and nothing had happened. so me and another guy threw the spray glue on then went to walk away. just as it rested in the stove, there was a huge explosion, and the 10 stone cast iron stove flew 4 inches into the air and landed on its side, blasting off one of its legs and a hole in the side. burning hot glue was sprayed everywhere, including over myself. i was far from happy.

to top it off, i tried to light a cigarette on my mates gas cooker and singed my hair.

despite this, i was really drunk and i had a good night.
hmm ionno some one tryed to stand next to my fire then they played a guitar solo with their teeth.