ok im struggling in my choice here between a fender jaguar or a fender mustang (both reissues) im pretty sure jaguar is better overall considering its double the price lol, but does it deliver good sound? im looking for a guitar capable of very very thin sound and also very smooth and heavy sound. if not, is there anyway i can make it do that? change pickups, etc. im a noob with jaguars and i dont know much about them but i have the money to buy it and i figured it will be worth the money rather then getting a cheaper mustang.

also,, does anyone know where jaguars ae made?? i think their USA, but im not sure
a jaguar is the next guitar i want when i can save up enough money. from what i've read and heard, they seem to be very versatile, which is what im lookin for. like you said i think they can go from thin strat like sound to a heavier sound, probably because jags have those 3 toggle switches. i also think the body design is ****in sexy as hell
I have only played one but, it was a very nice guitar, you can get a wide variety of tones out of it. I would definately suggest it over the mustang.
I suggest actually playing one before purchasing over the net or something. I've always fancied one and the dream was ruined years ago in a store- the i couldnt live with the stock bridge, its soooo easy to knock the strings down on the saddles and knock it out of tune.

There was a thread on here a while back where a jag user described how to put that right, well worth a read.

The one i played years ago was MIJ but I believe the latest ones are MIA- dont hold me to that
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