I liked the intro guitar, but I didn't liked how the bass started out, I would make it so it follows the guitar base notes ,at least until the strings kick in. The string are ok but at 11 there is a chord that sounds awkward to me.
I liked how the electric guitar kicked in, and the lead over the pre-chorus was nice too.
The chorus was good, with the background acoustic arpeggios and all but it was kind of weak (for a chorus), I thought the pre-chorus was the actual chorus when I first listened, but vocals can fix this.
The solo was nice but I think it would fit better as a fade out outro solo. Finally, I didn't like the beginning of the outro, I was kind of waiting for another chord after the chord at 103.
Overall is a great piece but some little adjustments can make it even better. good job!

Ps. the gp file has the extra chord at the beginning of the outro I was talking about earlier.
and...... Mind critting one of my songs? (choose from sig) Thanks.
Copy of Rock Ballad.zip
Hey, thanks for takin' the time to look! I've taken on board your suggestions and it's soundin' good, thanks!

Well, as i listen it starts out pretty good, maybe a little..empty. try adding a cymbal here or there?

ok, this cord is driving me crazy. the second one in the 19th measure. its too sharp, something in there is a half step too high

other then a few things here and there that'd be a decent song with lyrics, nothing that would stand out, but nothing that would make you cringe o.O

crit one of mine?


either ones ok,
(both is better:P)