Today was a sad day for me. I dropped my ibanez prestige for the first time ever. Ive had it for over a year keeping it in mint condition. It was my pride and joy. My baby...

Anyway, the nastry drop left an indent in the neck. Not very big, hardly noticable actually, but i just wanted to know whether this could affect the sound from the guitar, or even the playability of the neck (which i highly doubt).

Anyone care to reasure me / make me feel worse about it?
Well it doesn't seem to sound any different on clean or distorted. Im just really picky. I just wanted to know whether a dent COULD make it sound different.

Seems to be good though for now.
Well, technically, yeah, dropping it could have screwed something up. Electronics, the neck, the finish, etc.

I remember when I first bought my Alvarez RD20SSB and I was leaving my room and I smacked the back of it on the door handle and left a little nick and I nearly cried.
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Have you ever seen EVO, Steve vai's Main Guitar? Its a mess!

it shouldnt do much, other than possible playability issues (which do not seem to be the case here)
Dropping a magnet (pickups) is never good, it can loose its magnetism. But if it sounds the same chances are you were lucky.
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I know this doesn't really answer your question..

Do you have strap locks? If you don't you should get them. Even if your guitar has never fallen off its strap, you should get them, because one day, it will happen.