I havn't posted anything on this site for a while. This is somethen I started worken on a few days ago and its still rough but pls lemme know what you think. Its about the stupid b*tchs that like to f*ck with your heart pretty much. C4C if you like.

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that was really good, I'm surprised i was the first to comment. Im not gonna crit but i liked it, you can check my crummy music if you want, but don't feel obligated.
I liked the guitar side of it a lot, very catchy, i like that, your voice however, needs some work, im not a singer and cant sing for **** so its a bit hypocritical of me to be talking aboit voice. It was out of tune, but at the same time, i feel it can be corrected with practice, or maybe a vocal warm up if you haven't done that yet

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