ok do you think this guy is legit with what he says at the end of his description?

i mean i REALLY want a hellraiser, and although i would prefer a near mint cond. used black cherry, a black one with few flaws may be acceptable for the $490 especially since it includes a case..

but im still not sure...what do you think?

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It seems he's sold other guitars and guitar related things before and has a 100% feedback score. I'd say it's safe.
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Looks fine.. if there's anything wrong with it, he's required to tell you according to ebay's policies. Worst case scenario, it's ****ed up. Tell Ebay, they'll have paypal seize your money, and you can either send your guitar back or work it out with him.
thasts not a bad idea, but the new hellraisers have coil tappable emgs which i dont think sound as good, however some people really like the abilitey to tap the humbuckers. but i's try the new hellraisers, if you can't find one this one than looks like its in fairly good condition.