Holy crap i love the singer. It was a great cover too! Move around a bit though! I always used to stand there on stage it takes balls to get into it haha, I can say I do a little bit now :P
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Haha, our singer is such a big Chav - nothing against them, that's just what he is. But when we perform, he's a whole different person, it's amazing to behold
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i hate to be the first person to say something negative but the lead parts of the guitar sounded out of tune, but alas it is live and im sure you arent rich like some 20 year olds who have the 1500 dollar guitars.

Oh well, really digging ur band none the less. Singer is a great preformer.
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You're right, that was our first song of 4, and the guitars were gettin' more and more out of tune with each one - crappy establishment couldn't afford us the time to tune up inbetween.
good job. singer was amazing. MOVE AROUND A BIT!!!! I know it will take some work but your audience will love it.
Nice work.

Your singer rocks at singing, but not so much at clapping with the beat .
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Dude, that was epic. One of the better covers I have heard.
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i thought the singer was great, but the bass and rhythm in my opinion over powered the lead, especially in the little lick after the chorus, other than that it was great
Just to clarify, the guy who posted the video and thus comments is our drummer, nooot me! He doesn't really adhere to proper grammar structures or language.

Please don't let that interfere with your enjoyment of the video!
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hi ....10/10 yeah i gotta agree with everyone your singer has got potential for the future(so has this band)...the only crit i can give with you young cats is to watch your fave bands performing live and try and emulate their stage presence...invest in some sunglasses and in a few years write some songs and become worldwide famous!!! rock on!!!!!