The first thing i thought was the better side of Planet X. But as a huge fan of both Petrucci and Satch, I could definatly hear the influence.

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First ten seconds and I already dig it. The clean part with keys is really cool in Journey.

I don't like the lead guitar tone at it, it sounds very fake. Or maybe its a key synth? I can't tell. Either way, not a fan of the tone.

Bass break is pretty cool, this reminds me of a less "LOOK 1632 TIME SIGS!" version of Dream Theater. Definitely a major influence I can tell. Really cool stuff man, too bad you're 200 miles away or it'd be cool to do shows!

PS, really great guitar work. Harmony solo is beastly!
yea that beginning line is actually guitar synth, and nobody likes it that much so ill prolly change it to guitar. Idk i was going for an al di meolaish vibe. But i'll try some just straight ahead guitar playin that line. thanks alot for the input guys!
First off, good production. The beginning has kinda 70's/early 80's prog feel to it. I like the change to heavier part. Nice crunchy tone on the rhythm guitar. The lead guitar is pretty nice, albeit it sounds a tad stale without good vibrato. The shredding sounds like a sloppier version of Petrucci. It kinda lacked direction too. I don't know what to say about the rest of the song... IMO you had too many different parts crammed into a one song. You could've made 2-3 separate songs out of the stuff you had on just this one. All in all, it sounds really good. A lot better than most of the songs you hear on this site. Sounds like you put real effort into this one. Keep it up.

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The beginning is interesting but the synth tone throws it off abit.

The next part with distorted guitar is very Dream Theater-sounding. Nice lead playing, especially on the wacky harmonized stuff. After that, it's very technical, but the sparse gutiar makes it a little boring. THe rest is all good.

Excellent playing/writing, man.
thank you all. im still working out some stuff, like the synth and what not, i prolly wont put to much effort into rerecording stuff since this is just a demo, ill shoot for perfection when im in the studio. chica chica yea.... thanks guys!
I thought the song was pretty cool. The bass was really funky; I liked that a lot. The lead work was really cool too I thought. I liked the tone where the guitar starts. Not the fake sounding one before the break, but the cruchier one. That sounded really nice. The changes sounded cool to me I thought. It kept it interesting. Overall, nice work man.

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crit as i listen-
hmm, weird guitar tone, but i do like it. i like when the power chords come in and it picks up a little, sounds good. 1:44 that was insane, hahaha. wow, really good guitar playing over all, nice work. i can deffinitly see this being part of an epic album


thanks alot man! If your interested in getting an album when its done, maybe you'd wanna join my mailing list so you know how its coming and when its done? theres a widget on my myspace, all you have to do is put your email address into it.
From begining to end, nice song!
The bass almost seemed loud or muffed in some areas, but that "may" be my speakers, don't know.
Great distortion guitar work! Love the riffage in this one!!!
That also goes for the soloing!


Crit Mine?
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awsome theme, i had an OBE and this song was playing during it i think, the change at 5:20 is the best IMO, the sweeping was grinding on me earlier in the song but there is a nice balance later on, fvckin great, if i see tour album on the shelf one day ill buy it
OBE as in out-of-body experience? haha yea i suppose it is pretty psychadelic. the bass prolly sounds muffled cuz its not really a bass, It's my GT-8 set up to make my guitar sound somewhat like one haha.
Awesome stuff dude, this is great. I agree with everyone else about the cheesy synth in the beginning but aside from that, I love it.
im still working on that cheesy synth haha! ill get to it!! lol Hey guys I also have a couple of other new tunes up so check those out too if you get the chance!