Being unable to find the exact place where questions like these belong, I ended up here, due to this being the closest(as I see it) to the nature of my questions.

Taking recent interest in the banjo, I found myself wondering how it would actually be to learn, and play, this instrument. I consider myself an experienced guitarists(no bragging intended) as I've been playing guitar for a good amount of years in a lot of different settings like: teaching, live performance, studio etc.

However, I know pretty much squat about the banjo, except for the fact that it typically has 5-strings and sounds awesome!

Due to my spontaneous outburst of interest, I simply ordered myself a Fender banjo with what is supposedly helpful accessories. I don't quite trust the package, though, and it's the instrument that I'm interested in, not whatever comes with it.

So long story short(er), where should I look for instructional material? Can anyone recommend books, DVDs, educational websites or other sources from which I can get my banjo understanding from none to basic? Does anyone have any experience with what it's like going from guitar to banjo, and what methods are good for approaching it?

Anything would help, really, as there's hardly anything you can tell me, within the boundaries of common sense and reality, that I already know about banjos.