This is sort of old news, I heard about the reunion a while back but I just heard they've extended the UK tour to include Exeter, which got me pumped.

I appreciate they musically don't belong here but I was just thinking logically through it's members' histories and therefore decided it would perhaps get more attention here.

Also there isn't a thread on them so discuss.
This band rules, I remember hearing one of their tracks years ago on either Kerrang or Scuzz back when those channels actually showed decent bands.

I will have to dig out their album and see if it's worth the mission. On a side note OPM (of the legendary song Heaven Is A Halfpipe) are playing a tiny little club on my 20th. Guess where I'm going to be

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Maybe 'Used For Glue' or 'Good Things'? Think those were the only two singles they put out. Know what you mean about the music channels, they are fucking awful now. RS album is great, think it's enhanced by the good weather though right now, it's got a proper summery vibe to it.

I remember OPM, think they played Torquay once. It comes to something when the name of the band's biggest song is in bigger letters than the name of the band themselves on all the advertising though
Surprised there's still a demand for Rival Schools to be honest. Hadn't heard about the reformation but 'Used for glue' was pretty much the only song that went anywhere for them and it seemed to be quickly forgotten.
Albums wasn't too bad though.

OPM were funny - 'Rage against the coke machine', oh the bad jokes that make you laugh as a teenager. Think I have their album lying about my bedroom somewhere...
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