He featured in Singstar Rock Ballads and Guitar Hero III, and made TV appearances on Rock of Love I and II, and Don't Forget the Lyrics in which he sang a solo song for a primetime national audience

Not bad for a second wave 80's star
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its not a comeback its a struggle not to fizzle out get it right

for th3e record i like bret michaels singing but hes not making a comeback, srry if i sounded like a jerk
How exactly is he NOT making a comeback? In the past year and a half he has secured himself as one of the most recognisable names of the 80s rock scene.

Jani Lane plays pizza shops(fact) with his solo band, Bret gets slots on primetime TV with his. Smoke it.
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Bret micheals is retarded
Rock of love is the stupidest show on tv
poison is NOT metal (they are not even hard rock...)
I want to kill bret micheals so bad for making rock of 1, then he made rock of love 2 HOLY **** how can anybody on this great god given earth be so incredibly stupid.

hes not making a comeback, hes making a douche out of himself (like he normally does)