Has anyone played both of these guitars? Even in a six-string model (although I'm looking at 7's)? Similarly priced, I can't find a lot of difference between the two (other than the pups). The bindings are and fret markers are different, and the Hellraiser has X-Jumbo frets (anyone have an opinion on those?), along with 2 tap vol knobs, as opposed to 2 normal ones. The bridges differ slightly too.

As far as playability and sound, what's the difference?

How do the SD Black Outs compare to the EMGs, especially on these models in particular?

I've only gotten my hands on the Hellraiser (6 string) and liked it, but no 7-string and no Blackjacks (6 or 7).

They also have different scale lengths, the Hellraiser's is 1" longer.
im going to try both of these out tommorow hopefully.
EDIT: they do both have the same scale, it was a typo on the site i got my info off of
sorry for the onconvenience.
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The guitars fitted with the Blackouts are very new so very few people actually own them. I want the new Blackjack ATX C-7 in White. I think it looks better than the Hellraiser and its cheaper. I have heard that the Blackouts are better than the EMG's, only slightly but don't have the coil tap option. But to be honest, I haven't heard whether the coil tap option even sounds that good anyway. The Omen extreme 7 I had had terrible pickups and the coil tap function just seemed like a gimmick.
Don't the the standard C-7's have a full 26 1/2" scale length, along with Schecter's other seven string models?
I own a Schecter C-1 EX Baritone Blackjack and have played a Schecter C-7 HR a couple of times. The C-7 HR felt extremely similar to my Baritone, just with a slightly wider neck. I wasnt really focusing on sound difference when playing them side-by-side, I was trying to see how a 7-string neck felt. I am going to GC tomorrow or sometime this week to try out the C-7 HR again, I'll let you know how the EMGs work out against the JB and '59 I have in my Baritone.
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