Depends on the song, a Green Day song, couple of minutes. A much harder band to play like Lamb of God will take me a two or three days.
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I dose learn sogns in mnuitz
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Infinite.... I rarely learn songs (I suck)
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Depends on the song. Some huge solo masterpiece would obviously take longer to learn than a song made of chords. On average I'd say that I could have a full song down after a couple hours.
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It depends... A very simple song to play like a Tom Petty song.. A couple minutes... compared to a difficult song (I can't think of anything right now..) Which would take quite a bit longer.
Using guitar pro, like an hour or two tops.
To be able to play it off the top of my head; probably three or four days.
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I suck at learning songs


I try to push myself with harder songs, and that usually takes a few days or so.

I suck.
yeah like sabu and floppypick said i suck at learning songs

it takes me a helluva long time to get one

and i've still yet to learn a song(but i am trying to learn Tiger Lily by Matchbook Romance)
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months, i always dick around and learn my favorite parts first, then come back and learn the whole thing later.
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Naturally it depends on the song, anywhere from 5 minutes to a few days. To get perfect, if the song is diffiult, 2 or 3 days.

I normally figure out the songs by ear myself, so it can take a little longer. If it's hard enough, I'll look at a tab.
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