Okay, looking for a new amp.
Live in the UK.
Budget: £500 - £600
I like to play:
Machine head
Good charlotte
Green day
Avenged sevenfold
Black sabbath
Velvet revolver
Guns n roses
Bullet for my valentine
I've been looking at:
Line 6 spider 3 75W

Marshall MG50DFX

Randall RG75D G3

I live 30 miles away from the nearest town, and theyve only got 2 music shops, and they dont really stock much in the way of amps.
I dont really know much about amps myself so, any advice would be helpful.

Thanx in advance...
Ohyeah, im going on Wednesday

And my guitar is an Ibanez RG2550E.
Any money left over will probably go towards pedals if required, or go into the fund for a new guitar...

Sorry for the lengthy post, but i thought i'd give as much info as i can, to avoid keep repeating myself.

I'd try looking at a randall rg50tc, and the b-52 at 112. Good amps for metal.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
definitely don't get the marshal or line 6 they may look good but those ones you just named suck a good tube amp or i guess in the uk they call valve amps is a peavy valveking.
The Valveking is a great amp for the money. get the 112 tho, you'l probably never need the 212. If the dist doen't satisfy you for metal sounds, get a pedal. I can dail in a pretty mean gn'r/VR sound.
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Oh, i'll probably be using it mainly for just practising, but also for jamming with friends also, if that helps at all?
One shop seems to stock mainly marshall, peavy, laney, orange and i think i saw a fender amp in there the other day. This one also has a guitar that is the same as mine so i can test the amps properly.
The other 1 ive only seen line 6 amps in there. This one does not have the same guitar as me, so i cant test the amps properly to see how it would sound with my guitar.
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Take a look at some Laney amps as well. Very popular in the UK. I had an MG - next to my ex-wife - the MG was the biggest mistake I made in my life.
okay, so ive looked at the suggestions, obviously i'll try a few different amps out, but it seems that i might be leaning towards the valveking 112, i'll let u all know what i decided when/if i come home with a new amp tomorrow.