yea...about 8 or 9 years ago. it happened when i was giving my sis a piggy back ride and i slipped and fell on my face. it was the night before the last day of 3rd grade so i missed the last day of 3rd grade and spent it at a dentist.then 8 years later i bit down on a piece of taffy and it pulled one of my fillings right out, but i got that filled back in. has anyone else chipped their tooth, and do you got fillings or do you walk around with a hole in your tooth?
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I think you're a pretty cool guy for giving your sister a piggy back ride.



I want one
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I think you're a pretty cool guy for giving your sister a piggy back ride.

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I think you're a pretty cool guy for giving your sister a piggy back ride.

Yes many times. Once I was drunk and bit a decorative rock to see how hard it was..
One time, my friends and I were screwing around in my pool. I told my friend to get on back like we were playing chicken. Instead, he kicks me in the back, and I hit my jaw off the (rock hard) bottom of the pool and my bottom tooth chips my top tooth. Now that is partially fake, which is kinda cool.
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I walk with a hole in my butt

me too
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no but i had a franectomy(sp?) today
and its hurting now
the procedure didn't hurt at all
and i was born without a tooth so i wear a fake tooth on a retainer
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I had a tooth break but it did not come all the way out and another tooth grew on top of it. S o now i have a fang on the left side of my mouth!
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I think you're a pretty cool guy for giving your sister a piggy back ride.

i thank you
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise

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in the summer going to 5th grade, i was at my mom's which is about 5 hours from where i live. I was skateboarding and wiped out on some slick concrete and chipped my front teeth. The next day i rode all the way to where i went to the dentist ( i go to an amazing dentist, probably the only one who id let do serious dental work on me) and spent a few hours with them patching it or whatever they did. And rode all the way back to my mom's lol
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Half of my right front tooth is fake because some little kid hit me in the face with a frisbee a few years ago.
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I fell off of a pogo stick when it bounced in a wierd angle because i landed on a crack. I pretty much faceplanted the cement and broke my 2 front teeth. it was probably the best scenario cause it only took a half hour for the dentist to fix it which is way better than having a broken jaw and eating out of a straw for 2 months
Once I was skitching on a skateboard on my friend's go cart down the hill in front of our houses. I forgot how loose my trucks were and bellyflopped the pavement doing about 20.

I thought I just scraped up my belly and leg, exclaiming, "I'm okay!" My friend then came up to me and said, "Dude, you chipped your tooth." Under further inspection by my tougne I realized my left front tooth was half missing.

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My tooth looked very similar to that, but was filled within a few weeks.
Mine was filled within two days. Surprisingly it didn't hurt as much as the damn scrape on my knuckle. Why that is, I shall never know.
i don't wanna say how i chipped my tooth, but don't worry TS. they filled mine in and no one can tell :P im sure they'll do the same fer ya (if its not really bad, lol) when i tell someone they're like "oshi... rly?? wtf"
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I was in 4th-5th grade (can't remember) and I had one of those huge stainless steel thermoses with the slightly sharp rim. One of the guys throught it would be fun to palm the bottom of it when I was drinking. BAM! Chipped tooth.
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I knocked out half of my bottom tooth fighting over a toy with my sibling, only for her to let go of it and it come sailing into my face. Another time I was juggling pins and one got me right in the front tooth. Needless to say, they feel smooth now
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