I love acousticy music, and this is really good. Intro of the drum and bass worked really well, I thought. And hey, every band has an obligatory acoustic song, right?
Very nice and relaxing.
The guitar part got really catchy when the drums came in. lol
The drums were a little loud though..
And it got a little repetitive without vocals.
I skipped over the 5 of the 8 repeats at that one part. lol
I saw the "solo guitar" and got ready for it.. But then there wasn't a solo. lol It was sort of a let-down.

Good job though. 7/10
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VERY relaxing i think =]

as Garb said, it is very repetative without lyrics

also, i think this has the potential to have a very epic ending - i know its for your band, but if you added some massive strings at the end, that would sound great =]

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Ah, what to say except that it's a perfect relaxing song? I usually gives in depth and detailed (at least that's what I think, lol ), but if I do that here it will just be "oh this **** is great" repeated 190751 times, so I'll try to be brief, mkay?

The title is misleading, none of it is actually acoustic . The song is really soothing, there's absolutely nothing that I found wrong, and I especially liked the bass, as you didn't just used it as a backing for the guitar, but as an actual instrument. Nice job there .

Ms 34 onward was really nice, it's really uplifting and all, and then I thought to myself; "yay finally a solo!" after hearing that part and seeing as there is a solo guitar track, but then, dammit, there were none . Needless to say I was a tad disappointed there, though nevertheless the song is still good without it. Why put a guitar solo track if there were none?

Have to agree with TeraBite, the ending could be so much better, as of now it's a bit meh. It could be really epic, you don't need strings and all to make it epic, you just need to write it right (hey it rhymes) . I didn't quite find the song to be repetitive, sure, a bit, but not so much, though if there's vocals there it would be even better.

Well, that's that for the crit. Overall, this is a sweet song, and surely sounds like something that I'll be listening to every now and then . My only complaint is it is missing a solo and/or a proper and fitting interlude, and ending.

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To Garb and MarchOfEternity, the solo guitar track is there because there is a solo in the song. It goes in the section from bars 40-42, but instead of writing one out, I just improvised one when I recorded it. I agree that the ending could use work, but this is just one of my little dabble songs that will probably end up becoming a jam at the end anyways, so I'm just leaving it for now.