i got a check in the mail and now have 800 dollars to spend. im not sure what kind of new guitar i should get. i dont feel the need to spend all 800 so it can cost less than that. i play in a hardcore, metal band and my SG is not really cutting it for drop C or anything other than standard. So im not sure if i should buy a new 6 string or maybe even experiment with a 7 string. so far ive narrowed it down to these guitars

Ibanez RG7321
Ibanez S7320
Ltd KH-400
I say the EC 1000...I'm not sure how you feel about necks but I'm not a fan of really thin ones so I don't like Ibanez, your preference may be different though
You should send the check to me. I wouldve gotten a $600 check, i missed the DOB by like less than a month. AND I filed over $5000 for my taxes for 2007. I got jipped.

Anyways, the RG7321 is a terrible guitar. Very bad even for experimenting. Also, im not a big fan of KH's guitar, but the S7320 is great and i love the EC-1000.
yuo cant screw up with an ec1000, but you could try like a schecter hellraiser, those are pretty sweet
yeah, i have never been too impressed with Ibanez(s) but thats just me. personally i would go with a Schecter C1 FR or a Schecter Damien FR. I love Schecters and I will never sell mine. for it to stay in good tuning (unlike your SG) the Locking neck will help it stay in tune so much and it comes on the guitar with the Floyd Rose tremelo. my C1 FR is amazing to me. I would suggest you would at least try one instead of going strait to an Ibanez, but thats just me. hope I helped!
sorry to all the schecter users but ive never been able to get used to the feel of those guitars.

i play a B 52 AT 100 head through an avatar 4x12 cab with celestion vintage 30's
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if u dont like schecter thn i think you should try some jackson,

maybe, Just both ESPS and Ibanez have felt good to me and i played all except the S7320 today and like them, just not really sure whats most reliable, versatile all that jazz