white people may have in their closet- a hand gun marijuna a joint and a tennis racket

Hispanics- 10 bricks of coke a peice or 2 of eldardo gold a micro uzi and their cousins

chinks- a small hand gun that no one wants but the chinks ( penus size joke)

talibs- a bomb a video camera and a ak-74

blacks- 130 bags of crack/cocain, a ak-47 a rotwiler, a hand grenade, bleach

danish/norwegian people- A children of bodom CD, a Flying V guitar

German people-Nazi flag/ Nazi Youth Uniform

Italians- a knife a Nazi flag and pizza slices

american immigrants- a closet full of their family members

my friend sent me these things..anything else stereotypical you guys can think of ( please these are suppose to be jokes he says and dont take it offensive)

Edit: i dont get the bleach thing?
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I beat my wife

Beating yea bi
I don't own a gun, I don't do drugs, and tennis just isn't my thing.

Apparently your friend has failed.
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yah i guess he did.. lol i'll tell him that the pit said he failed
Quote by Wrst_Plyr_Evr
I beat my wife

Beating yea bi