So I have a small problem. Which is a HUGE pain in the ass. I have a USB recording interface (Fast Track Pro) that, obviously, plugs into the USB on my laptop. Alright no worries. It works. However, if I plug in the speakers or headphones to the laptop while the USB is connected, I can't hear any playback through them. Even if I unplug the USB no sound will continue to come out. I have to shut down the program then start it up without the USB plugged in. Then, if I plug in the USB from there, working the other way around, the USB won't work and the speakers will stay working. I'm pretty sure this is a common problem, because I get the same thing with my desktop. Any ideas on how the hell to fix it?
You cannot use the Fast Track and your onboard sound card at the same time. You have to monitor from the Fast Track if you have it connected.
Quote by blue_strat
If there's a monitor or headphone socket on the Fast Track, use it.

I've been using the headphone socket so far. So I should record first then fix up my tones later in Pro Tools or whatever?
The fasttrack is essentially a souncard, and it will replace your stock one when plugged in, so plugging into the headphone socket on the laptop won't work.

There ought to be a headphone socket actually on the fasttrack box itself, use that.