Poll: To Scallop? or Not to Scallop?
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12 41%
17 59%
Voters: 29.
hey guys! heres my build so far, its coming in ok for a first time, clear coats will be applied tomorrow, and i was wanting to yngwie the start up (since im gonna put the yjm dimarzio's and hs-3 in anyway to get that sound) i wanted to see if you guys would suggest scalloping or not.
i know it takes a while, but ill have the time as im gonna end up waiting for the clear coats to dry/harden... here are some pics...

If you know why you're scalloping it, and you know how to, then go ahead.

I'll just say that you shouldn't think that it makes the guitar easier to play quickly - Yngwie does it to give a better grip.
i said don't do it because that neck looks amazing.
i just got one that looks similar last week, but if you really want to have a guitar like ynwige then do it
have you ever played one? if no, then do not scallop.
if yes, did you like it?
if yes, scallop away.
if no, do not scallop.
Quote by -MintSauce-
He's only got a 22 fret neck, so I'd say the last two only. Anyway, yeah, scallop from fret 20, then see how it feels!

I scalloped the upper 4 on a 22, it was interesting. I say do the upper 4 and test it until your strings need replacing, at that point decide whether you want/need more.