It is a Jackson Dinky DXMG with a bolt on 24-fret maple neck. The body is alder with EMG-Hz pickups. The guitar has strap locks and would come with a leather levy's strap and a coffin case.

Pics: http://www.putfile.com/album/188831

Price $325 plus shipping obo. may take trades.
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don't post until you have pics from now on.

but if you do, could you PM me?
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Hey dude. I have a modded psp and ds system I'd be willing to trade with some extras. any interest?
who says i'm not being serious? those 2 consoles would be right around the same value as the price he was looking for.

Also, to clarify, when I say modified, I mean cosmetically, not the firmware or electronics or anything.
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