im bout to go to chicago with my school on thursday. we wont be back till saturday night which is 3 days..i really dont want to abandon playin guitar for 3 days cuz its 50% of my life. i am permitted to bring my acoustic (fender sonoran acoustic electric)but i would have to sit on the bus wit it for 4 hours...is that worth it?? i have a hardshell case to bring wit it and we will have about 2-3 hours of free time every night and all my bandmates are also goin so we can finish writing the song we have started.

so again is this worth it??? all opinions welcome

sry if this is the wrong thread. i did not know which to put it under
bring it if you want. no big deal. just make sure that it'll have a safe and secure place on the bus and that you wont have to drag it around EVERYWHERE. hardcase + acoustic guitar = heavy. you dont want to drag it too far.
yeah i try to have my guitar with me as much as possible. possible put a small lock on the latch to discourage people picking it up and playing it remember your extra strings picks capo tuner strap that kinda thing. you never know when your gonna get inspired a mini recorder is kinda neat to bring around as well if u have one
Leave it. It's only 3 days, and where are you going to put it on the bus? Having it in your lap for 4 hours will be really uncomfortable for you and annoying for whoever is sitting next to you.
If you think it's worth it, bring it...it really depends how much you play I guess. I probably wouldn't though, I would spend my time in Chicago being in Chicago. if you really want to work on your music do some songwriting or listen to some inspiring progressions/songs or something.
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i say bring it! i'm all about having an acoustic guitar around on any trip.