Influenced by different branches of metal... Check it on my profile please.

Oh yes it's the untitled one...
its not bad...your powerchords sound of tune, or their supposed to be like that? add a touch of reverb maybe, cause the tracks sounds tooo raw, playing is a touch sloppy at times, but you got some ideas going. its not a marshall mg by any chance is it?
Noooo Line-6 Spider II unfortunetly =[

Powerchords shouldn't sound out of tune O.o hmm. Edit: Maybe cos I'm in Drop B with 10 gauge strings lool. I've been meaning to change that.

Thank yous
Your musical ideas defiantly have the capability to hold their own in a good band, but your lead/solo's are off a bit, mainly rhythm and timing. But your probably not even out of high school yet anyways, so you defiantly have time to work on it. I'd highly recommend practicing solos with a metronome. Even if you don't want to be a shredder, it helps a lot. Any unwanted imperfections in your songs aren't very serious, just to be worked out over time. Hope to hear more
Thanks :P

I'm only 15 so I guess I do have time to correct my playing... I didn't even really notice it tbh >.<

And I've been practicing Bed Of Razors since yesterday... mwahhaah... I'm kiiinda getting good at the solo now.