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You should be aiming for something a bit more high class. And for god sakes, learn proper english, or no ones going to take you seriously on this site.
You don't want a cheap wireless system, end of story. Also, get some hooked on phonics, for chirst's sake and mine.
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cowdude speaks words of infinite wisdomery.
You could turn around and throw that $60 into 1 or 2 very nice long cables that'd give you the distance you need.
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I've used Nady VHF wireless systems for vocals on school stage productions. They were barely adequate even for that. The VHF band is full of noise and interfering radio traffic, so it's tough to pick a channel that will be good pretty much wherever you go. And, you can't change the channels without opening them up and changing the crystals - they're preset at the factory.

Also, the level of RF carrier noise is very high. You have to turn the receiver squelch up pretty high to get beyond the noise threshold. The gating effect this would have on a guitar would be pretty irritating.

The bandwidth is also too narrow. The WLT transmitters and lavaliers were ok for dialog, but completely inadequate for singing (most of the productions I used them on were musicals). They're heavy on bass, but far too thin on treble.

Lastly, the WLT transmitters are flimsy. More than once I've seen the clips let go, and the transmitter fall to the fall, sending the plastic housing parts, PCB, and battery flying in different directions. The cord does thread into the transmitter housing, so you might get lucky and just have the transmitter bouncing from your guitar jack like a yoyo. The pressure contacts for the battery also get compressed after replacing the battery a few times, so be prepared to have to bend them back out frequently.

Spend more and get a decent Sennheiser UHF setup.
save up $300 and the wireless world opens up drastically.

I use the V2 Wirless and it sounds great.
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1. Why do you need a wireless when you probably only gonna gig in pubs or small venues where you can't walk around because otherwise you would bump in you drummer (so a wireless is completely useless)
2. Why would you want a cheap wireless if it's gonna sound like crap
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I was thinking something along those lines as well.

TS, I suggest not going below $400 on a wireless setup. If you do large gigs they are nice to have but if you are playing at parties and schools you don't need one,,,just stick with cables.
alright i was just wondering if it was decent i never used it. and by the way my keyboar dis screwed up so i cant type right...until i get a new one but im too lazy
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